Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Charity Shop clear out.

The charity shop that i work in (ooooh get me!) were chucking out clothes today! I hate letting clothes go to waste so i was like ':O :O :O don't chuck them let me have them ;)' haha. So they did :D
 I do apologise for the crapppyyy editing but i totally hated my face in this picture! Love the dress though ;)
 This shirtttttttt! <3 my manager said it was ugly :(
 ^ cracking out a smile for you all! :|
My manager called this one ugly too, i admit it: it is hideous but that's why i like it! I confuse myself alot of the time!
Soooo i am a happy bunny about this! More and more gorgeous things keep getting donated, wish i had monies :(

Abbie x


  1. The top dress is so pretty and really suits you! Love the bottom shirt too, its so cute, fab blog, now following :)
    much love

  2. Love love love the dress and blouse, really compliment your hair colour! Hope you visit back :)
    Izzy xo

  3. the shirt in the middle is beautiful! now following your blog, hope you check mine out in return :-) xx