Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Doc martens

Doc martens

Doc martens by missataylor featuring lace up booties

I just made a polyvore account, and thought i'd do my first set as DM's :) I absolutely LOVE Doc Martens and this is my display of all the ones i want (i couldn't fit them all in)

Abbie x

Monday, 29 August 2011

Another floral blazer!

I've always loved floral blazers and now i've got totally lucky, this being the third one i've bought so far!
I found it in the hospice care charity shop, it's a bit small for me but i HAD to have it :)
 ^lol at my face.

I love it because it's kind of ugly, it looks like my grandmas sofa haha! But that's what makes it beautiful to me! Sooo yeah, £6- not too bad :)

Abbie x

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Primark concealer

Now don't get me wrong, i love a bit of primark but primark makeup? I've never used it before but this concealer was on sale for £1. As i haven't been able to get much sleep recently and i'm really low on money i thought i'd give it a try, and for primark it's really good! I'm impressed! :)

Abbie x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Amazing blazer!

Bought this amazing floral blazer yesterday. I totally fell in love with it the minute i saw it! mmmmmmm.

Barbie hand necklace.

My sister was clearing out her barbies, so being a strange family we decided to butcher them! They all looked hilarious at the end haha! Then i cut off their hands an made a necklace.

Excuse the face, but yeah, this is my awesome necklace!

Abbie x

Monday, 22 August 2011


Okay, so i bought loaaaaaads of stuff today & i can't wait to put it on here but i am waaaay to tired, so i'm just gonna show the two rings i bought!

Firstly, i apologise for the state of my nails! haha. Both rings were from topshop (my first purchase from topshop EVER, proud moment!) The moustache was £6.50 and the crucifix £7.50 in my opinion they were both way too expensive but i have wanted them for ever! They make me happy and i will wear them until my whole hand turns green! haha.

Abbie x


This is what i wore to go shopping today!

High waisted shorts.

I really love high waisted levi shorts or cut offs so i went searching for a pair. I found only 1 pair on my massive search but they were too small :( So instead i looked in the mens section of charity shops for really ugly bootcut, straight leg, light wash, denim grandad jeans (the uglier the better)

 I found these, they're not levi's but they are high waisted and have the brown label at the back (i love that). I had bigger intentions for these such as, bleaching, dyeing and ripping them up a bit but i never got around to doing it; instead i just cut them off, folded them up and wear them like this, and i love them!
And the best thing is, they were only £3.95 :)

Abbie x

I went to the charity shops (and also a carboot sale)

I went around the charity shops in town for a quick look because i haven't been in ages and i was pleasently suprised at what i found! I also went to the carboot sale that i usually go to each sunday, it was good fun an i found a really cute jumper....

I bought this really lovely jumper, its a bit too big (size xl) but i love the print so much!
This was only 50p too! Bargain!

The next item is this nautical t-shirt. I really really love nautical themed clothes...
I do apologise for the eyes, i was playing around in photoshop and forgot to save the original picture! But this was another 50p bargain!

Next up is my pink shirt. I really love shirts that are granny-ish hence why i buy them from charity shops.

This was £3, a bit steep for such a thin shirt but i love the embroidery on the collar, so cute!

I was getting the bus home from a party but it wasn't for ages so i had a hungover look around the charity shops in Exeter! I found this dress, it's so pretty i love the shape of it (i may make it a bit shorter).
This was £3.50-a bargain for such a cute summer dress!

I am going shopping today too so hopefully i can visit the charity shops and find some more pretty clothes! :)

Abbie x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fashion Blog

I've realised that my tumblr is such a random mix of things so I have created this. It's going to be a fashion blog mainly consisting of things i buy, like, want, wear & make fashionwise :)