Monday, 29 August 2011

Another floral blazer!

I've always loved floral blazers and now i've got totally lucky, this being the third one i've bought so far!
I found it in the hospice care charity shop, it's a bit small for me but i HAD to have it :)
 ^lol at my face.

I love it because it's kind of ugly, it looks like my grandmas sofa haha! But that's what makes it beautiful to me! Sooo yeah, £6- not too bad :)

Abbie x


  1. aha i love this because its got a 'ugly' look too, but you pull it off amazingly! I'll always see something 'ugly', end up loving it on other but I could never pull it off

  2. awesome blazer! I love any fabric that looks like a couch haha.