Monday, 22 August 2011

I went to the charity shops (and also a carboot sale)

I went around the charity shops in town for a quick look because i haven't been in ages and i was pleasently suprised at what i found! I also went to the carboot sale that i usually go to each sunday, it was good fun an i found a really cute jumper....

I bought this really lovely jumper, its a bit too big (size xl) but i love the print so much!
This was only 50p too! Bargain!

The next item is this nautical t-shirt. I really really love nautical themed clothes...
I do apologise for the eyes, i was playing around in photoshop and forgot to save the original picture! But this was another 50p bargain!

Next up is my pink shirt. I really love shirts that are granny-ish hence why i buy them from charity shops.

This was £3, a bit steep for such a thin shirt but i love the embroidery on the collar, so cute!

I was getting the bus home from a party but it wasn't for ages so i had a hungover look around the charity shops in Exeter! I found this dress, it's so pretty i love the shape of it (i may make it a bit shorter).
This was £3.50-a bargain for such a cute summer dress!

I am going shopping today too so hopefully i can visit the charity shops and find some more pretty clothes! :)

Abbie x

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