Friday, 10 February 2012

New things

Okay, sorry for neglecting my blog but i have been so busy with uni interviews and such! Although i have found the time to go shopping! These are a few things i've got over the last month or so...
 Shirt- Given to me by my great nan. Skirt-Charity shop £1.00 not sure if i'll ever wear it out of the house....
Tapestry bag- Charity shop £1.00

Gorgeous jumper- Urban outfitters £13.50 (i used my student discount haa)

Blazer- Charity shop £1.00

The blazers print, it's hard to see in the pictures but it really is gorgeous colours!

Admittedly i have bought a lot more things but sadly due to an oversized floordrobe i cannot find them at the moment but when i do i shall post them! 
P.s sorry for the crappy quality pictures- my memory card for my nikon has broken!